Solar Panels Affiliate Programs

solar panels affiliate program

Solar panels are a great way to generate energy for your home or business. You can also use them to reduce your electricity bill. This is an emerging market and the demand for solar power solutions is likely to increase in the years to come.

There are many solar panel companies in the market, so it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. To help, we’ve put together a list of the top solar panel affiliate programs that offer a generous commission, a good cookie lifespan, and great support. More info affiliate program solar |


Sun Power is a leader in the solar power industry and they have a very simple, safe, and savings-centered process for adding a solar energy system to your home or business. They have an outstanding affiliate program and you’ll get paid a generous $75 per confirmed appointment sent via your affiliate links.

Joining a Solar Panel Affiliate Program: Frequently Asked Questions


Inergy is a company dedicated to providing portable solar generators and solar panels to meet the daily power needs of people living in remote areas. They have a very impressive range of products that are designed to meet this goal, and their affiliate program is excellent in terms of what you can earn for referring sales.

Overland Solar

In addition to their portable solar systems, Overland also sells other products for the outdoor, military, and RV markets. They are a great fit for any blog or website that caters to camping, survivalists, or the outdoors.

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