Picket Tiles – A Bold Design For Your Bathroom Backsplash

Classic and timeless tile designs are The Job Expectation For Inside Designers for homeowners when renovating or updating their homes. Choosing styles that can stand the test of time will allow you to enjoy your space for years to come and even add value to your home at resale. One tile style that is gaining popularity for its ability to be versatile and unique in aesthetics is picket tiles.

Essentially a six-sided hexagon with an elongated center, picket tiles are thinner and slimmer than standard honeycomb tiles for a distinctively modern look. Taking their name from the popular picket fence, this distinct design offers a unique geometric expression that can be used to elevate kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms and other wall installations.

Unveiling the Role: Demystifying Job Expectations for Interior Designers

With options in a range of colors and materials, there’s a picket tile to match any taste, from subtle neutrals to vibrant blues. For a bold design that’s truly eye-catching, leave the pointed ends of your tile exposed for added texture and dimension.

For example, using Palisades Blue Ceramic Picket Tile in a bathroom creates a striking feature wall design that’s sure to draw attention. The dark ocean hues and striking glazes in this tile create a rich visual accent that will add a dramatic flair to any space. For an extra touch of personality, choose a grout color that accentuates the natural exposed edges of your tile. Be sure to use tile spacers to account for the uneven picket tile shape and to ensure straight grout lines. After the tiles are installed, apply a quality tile sealer to help protect your new backsplash and keep it looking pristine for years to come.

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