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Passenger Survives Being Hit in the Head by Flying Turtle

It’s not uncommon for rocks and other trash to crash through a windshield and harm a driver or traveler — however a turtle?

A 71-year-elderly person riding with her little girl on Florida’s Interstate 95 endured a cut temple Wednesday when a turtle crushed through the windshield of their vehicle, striking her, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports.

The girl pulled over and found support from another driver. As indicated by a 911 account, both were shocked by what they found.

“There is a turtle in there,” the man can be caught saying.

“A turtle!” the little girl shouted. “A genuine turtle?”

The cut drew a great deal of blood, however the lady was not genuinely stung. The turtle was likely intersection the highway and got thumped into the air by another vehicle.

“I promise to God this woman has the most noticeably terrible karma of anything,” the girl told the 911 administrator as she watched out for her harmed mother.

The turtle, then again, had the best karma of anything — it just had a couple of scratches on its shell and was delivered once more into the close by woods, Port Orange cop Andre Fleming said.

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