How to Find an Online Weed Dealer

online weed dealer

A woman who was selling online weed dealer | tale of two strains was arrested recently after police spotted her ads on Facebook. She had posted a picture of weed on her Facebook page and received messages from people interested in buying it, according to a police report. The woman was charged with felony drug offenses because she sold the marijuana without a license. Although this case is an extreme one, it does show that buyers need to be vigilant about spotting scammers when looking for an online weed dealer.

If you want to avoid getting caught by authorities, it is a good idea to use a burner phone and a different social media account to make contacts. It is also important to never give out personal information and never send money for weed upfront. If you do find a dealer, it is a good idea to ask for references and photos of the product. This can help you weed out the safe vendors from the shady ones.

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There are many ways to find a weed dealer online. Cannabis social networks such as Instagram, Tinder, Grindr, Yik Yak, Whisper, and more are all great places to find a weed dealer in your area. These networks let you talk about growing methods, weed strains, accessories, edibles, and more. If you can find a weed dealer on one of these sites, you can easily connect with them to get your favorite herb.

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