How to Do an IP Reputation Check

Checking your ip reputation is an important step in keeping your email deliverability high. It’s also an essential part of implementing best practices for email marketing, including only sending to recipients who have given you permission and avoiding spammy language or tactics.

You can use a free public IP look up phone free lookup tool to get a snapshot of your current situation. Many of these tools scan multiple blacklists at once to give you a complete picture of your reputation.

Once you have identified the root cause of your poor reputation, you can work on repairing it. Start by requesting delisting from any blacklists where your ip address has been added. Most blacklists have a request process that involves filling out a form or sending an email. After you’ve done this, be sure to monitor your IP reputation regularly to ensure that your new, clean reputation is reflected everywhere.

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IP reputation is determined based on the history of an IP address, including previous engagement with malware and spammers. For example, if an IP address has been used to host phishing sites or distribute malware in the past, it will likely be classified as high risk and its reputation will decline.

Other factors that influence an IP reputation include mailing volume and email engagement. A low open rate and high bounce rates can signal to ISPs that your emails aren’t relevant or engaging for recipients, and can lead to them marking your messages as spam.

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