Heavy Duty Steel Bulk Container

When your workplace needs to store or transport heavy parts that cannot be easily handled, use a heavy duty steel bulk container. These containers come in a variety of sizes to fit your unique materials and applications. They can help you keep your materials safe until they are needed for assembly or shipping, and make it easy to shift and move heavy products without causing on-the-job injuries.

Whether you need to store and ship component parts, industrial supplies or commercial goods, these metal bins can help you do the job safely and efficiently. They have reinforced steel runners and hit plates to prevent damage. Some have a special design that helps them to collapse flat for storage and return shipment, optimizing space usage and saving you money on returned freight costs.

Metal containers have an integrated pallet base that is designed for universal maneuverability via forklift and pallet jack channels. They can be stacked atop one another to save warehouse and distribution costs. They are available in a wide range of colors to suit your environment.

Stainless steel IBC totes are a great option when your work requires the transportation of sensitive liquids and powders. These containers have a rugged tubular design that is tested to ensure they meet international standards and can handle your material safely over long distances. The 275-gallon size makes them suitable for air cargo and truck transportation.

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