Heavy Duty Pallet Rack Decking


Warehouses need high-quality racking solutions to store items and freight safely. A good storage system consists of many different parts, including the heavy duty pallet rack decking. These metal components are designed to ensure that heavy products don’t fall off of the racking, damaging them or harming people working near them. They also provide added stability to the shelves that hold the products.

There are a few types of pallet rack decking to choose from, including wood and wire mesh. Wood planks work well for lighter storage products, but they can be a hazard if they are not properly supported by the load beams below them. Plus, they can be a fire hazard if not used with in-rack sprinklers. Most fire marshals prefer (or may even require) wire decking for warehouse storage.

Bearing the Load: The Robust Benefits of Heavy Duty Pallet Rack Decking

Besides being strong and durable, wire rack decks allow light to pass through them and evenly disperse from floor to ceiling. This is better for inventory visibility and increases warehousing and picking efficiency. Wire deck accessories can be added to create additional storage lanes from front to back and side to side. They can include dividers for product separation, back stops and wire deck waterfalls that prevent the decks from falling off of the load beam.

Another type of heavy duty pallet rack decking is bar grating. This is typically a custom solution for those needing to support point loads that would be too large for standard wire decks.

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