Flat Sheets – Are They Really Necessary?

flat sheets only

There’s been a bit of a debate on whether or not flat sheets only are really necessary. Some people swear by them, claiming they keep their bedding more clean and help with airflow throughout the night. Others argue that they are outdated and restrictive, leaving your bed feeling like a crumpled mess in the morning. Ultimately, the decision to use or not to use flat sheets is completely up to you.

What are flat sheets?

Unlike fitted sheets, which have elastic sewn into the corners to fit around your mattress, flat sheets have straight edges. They should be tucked in at the foot of your mattress (preferably using hospital corners) and then folded tightly across the top of the mattress, creating four crisp, tucked corners. This creates a soft and streamlined sheet that sits neatly atop your duvet or blanket.

Unleash Your Creativity: The Endless Possibilities of Flat Sheets Only

When paired with a fitted sheet, flat sheets can be used to create a luxurious layering system in your bedroom. Often made with the highest quality materials, a luxury sateen flat sheet is breathable enough to be worn during summer and warm enough for winter.

Our melange flat sheets are made from a combination of white cotton and pre-dyed bamboo fibers, giving the fabric a gorgeous heathered look with a luxe lived-in feel. This soft blend regulates temperature and wicks moisture away from the body to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Pair this luxurious sateen with one of our cotton duvet covers to complete your bedding ensemble.

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