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EDC Pocket Torches and Flashlights

EDC pocket torches

Nano Flashlights makes sure your flashlight is always with you, but on the go. These LED flashlights easily attach to your key ring, and can be right there when you need to peer over a frosted window or peer into a stormy closet. The light is incredibly bright, and they come in handy in many different situations. For instance, when you’re working in a dark, drafty basement, these mini flashlights can easily be used as a light source by shining it up and out of the corner where you’re standing. They’re also great to use when you’re trapped in a car that may have stuck in a deserted parking lot – a mini flashlight like this can provide much needed light until help arrives. When you’re trapped under a fallen tree in a burning forest, it’s usually too late to think about cell phones or other emergency devices, but these can be turned on with the touch of a button, so don’t worry – you’ll be safe from harm if you can get your head outside just for a few minutes. Click to view more here

How to Find EDC Pocket Torches and Flashlights

When you want something truly unique for your EDC gear, look to Nano Flashlights. They make all three models, and one of them is even shaped like a pen! The pen-sized flashlight offers a full LED with two modes, one high and one low. This flashlight is rechargeable, which means you won’t have to worry about buying extra batteries, and because it’s so easy to handle, you can wear it anywhere. It’s the perfect addition to your kit, and the tiny size means you’ll be able to slip it into your pocket or purse anywhere.

If you prefer an even smaller model, try the nano a3 pro, which comes in at only 6.5 inches long. This pocket flashlight is made of durable, hypoallergenic silicone which won’t leave any unwanted side effects on your skin. To protect your eyes, the front casing made of ballistic nylon has a scratch resistant, tear proof, anti-glass coating, and a safety switch for immediate light switch contact.

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