Counter Rotating Brush Carpet Cleaner

counter rotating brush carpet cleaner

A counter rotating brush carpet cleaner is one of the most versatile and efficient carpet cleaning machines on the market. Using a combination of clean solution, powerful scrubbing brushes and vacuum suction, it removes soil and other debris that the normal cleaning methods cannot.

Designed to counter rotating brush carpet cleaner and hard surfaces with a single machine, CRBs are ideal for encapsulation cleaning, dry compound cleaning, pre-spray agitation, POG treatments and more! They also double as a pile lifter and carpet groomer, leaving your customer with a signature look they’ll love.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Counter Rotating Brush Carpet Cleaner for Your Home or Business

Low Moisture, Water Proof Construction built out of Stainless Steel allows you to use your CRB on any hard surface and pick up 99 percent of the water and debris on these types of floors: Tile and Grout, Natural Stone, Concrete, PVC, Profiled flooring, Rubber floors and Mats and Non-Slip Floors!

Powerful Dual Counter Rotating Cylindrical Brushes – A CRB machine is the best deep cleaning tool you can buy for both commercial and residential carpeting. The brushes agitate the carpet fibers and break up tough soils like no other cleaning method.

Renovator Technology – The heavy-duty motor spins brushes at an incredible 380 RPM to quickly and thoroughly clean all sides of the carpet fiber. Coupled with included renovators, the Brush Pro is perfect for removing dry soil that even a high powered vacuuming can’t collect!

Super Quiet Operation – Nearly Instantaneous drying lets you clean during business hours, opening up a world of new clients including casinos, airports, hotels and hospitals where hot water extraction isn’t possible.

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