Concrete Contractors In Bend Oregon

Concrete is naturally tough and durable, which makes it ideal for a wide range of uses around your home. Whether you’re installing a new concrete driveway, a patio, or a garage slab, a professional contractor will ensure that the work is completed correctly the first time, saving you from costly repairs in the future. They’ll also be well-versed in local building codes and regulations, ensuring that your concrete project is up to code.

How long does concrete need to cure before construction?

Licensed concrete cutting bend oregon are required to carry a surety bond (ranging from $10k up to $75k based on their trade) that provides you with financial recourse in the event of defective work or violation of license rules. BuildZoom helps you avoid unlicensed contractors by making it easy to collect bids and verify their license, insurance coverage, verified work history, standing with local consumer protection groups, and self-reported feedback from other customers.

The McLean team is here to help you repair or replace your residential concrete driveway, patio or sidewalk; install a new concrete parking lot, apron or patio; concrete floor or garage slab; and more. Our skilled, Central Oregon concrete contractors provide superior concrete construction with an emphasis on quality and customer service. Call us today to find out how we can improve your home’s curb appeal and value!

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