Cleverspa Hot Tubs

Cleverspa hot tubs are more expensive than some cleverspa hot tub  brands but you pay for a higher level of quality and durability. They also include a faster heating system and offer a few other features that can make your time in the water even more luxurious and enjoyable.

For instance, the Cleverspa Mia has a stylish rattan design that will look great in any garden and it’s not just style over substance either, as this model boasts a range of high-tech functions including a 110 air jet massage system and thermally regulated heater. Plus, because the pump is built into the shell, this helps to reduce operational noise and makes the Mia much quieter than its closest competition.

The Clever Choice: A Comprehensive Guide to Cleverspa Hot Tubs

Likewise, the Manhattan is a good-looking inflatable hot tub and it’s not just about looks as there are some pretty nifty features too, such as an integrated lighting system and Freeze Guard. This latter feature allows you to use the Manhattan during colder weather and prevents any freezing of the water by activating the anti-icing system once a toasty temperature is set on the digital control panel.

Like Lay-Z-Spa, the Cuba has a rapid heating system that warms the water to a blissful 40 degrees Celsius and it’s backed up with an intelligent controller which will cut the power to the heater if it gets too hot, helping you avoid costly electricity bills. Like the other Cleverspa models we’ve looked at, the Cuba has a built-in pump and digital controls that help to limit operational noise and they also supply insulated covers and groundsheets to keep the heat in and the water protected from evaporation and dirt.

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