Best Brokers for Day Trading

day trading platform

Day trading platform a level of excitement that you won’t find with buy-and-hold investing. There’s a rush from putting in the research, seeing an opportunity and landing a trade that gives you a profit. However, day trading can be risky, and it requires a lot of time to learn the trade and to develop your skills. That’s why it’s important to practice on a demo account or with play money first before putting your real dollars at risk.

Our list of best brokers for day trading considers fees, trading platform features, research and tools, education and customer support. It also takes into account the number of assets available to trade, the speed of order execution and extended-hours trading.

The Art of Precision: Choosing the Right Day Trading Platform for Your Style

For day traders, a good brokerage should offer an easy-to-use, reliable trading platform and a wide range of tradable assets. They also want fast execution times and high-quality, reliable data that streams quickly. In addition, many day traders use sophisticated automated strategies that require clean data to function. For this reason, they test their platforms using a simulation feature like the stock market stimulator from TD Ameritrade or the paper-trading feature offered by tastyworks.

Traders will look at the prices of securities—stocks, futures, currencies and cryptocurrencies—on their platform to decide whether to buy or sell. These prices come from the exchange where a security is traded and can include the price of a buy or sell order, as well as the bid and ask prices. The best brokers for day trading offer accurate price data, fast order execution and low fees. They may also allow you to choose which market maker your orders go to—a practice called routing choice.

How a CBD Pain Cream Can Help Relieve Pain

A cbd cream pain relief can help alleviate aches and pains associated with arthritis, muscle discomfort, joint aches and many other conditions. Unlike oral or inhalation products, topical CBD works directly at the source of pain to provide effective relief that lasts longer and is more effective than a typical over-the-counter pain reliever.

A recent study found that Sativex, a pharmaceutical CBD oil infused cream, was “an effective and well-tolerated add-on treatment for severe chronic pain” caused by both nociceptive and neuropathic symptoms (affecting tissue and nerves respectively). CBD’s natural anti-inflammatory properties allow the ointment to reduce the buildup of lactic acid that causes sore muscles and joints to stiffen

Skin Soothe: Navigating the Top CBD Creams for Eczema Management.

CBD pain creams typically use a combination of ingredients designed to soothe and relax the skin. These can include menthol and other cooling agents for added pain relief as well as essential oils, herbs like arnica and chamomile that offer anti-inflammatory support and coconut oil that helps nourish the skin. Many ointments also utilize herbal extracts for additional anti-inflammatory and therapeutic effects, such as capsaicin and white willow bark extract.

When choosing a CBD topical, you’ll want to choose one that has been tested and verified by a third-party lab. This ensures that the product contains accurate amounts of CBD as well as any other beneficial compounds, such as terpenes and other phytocannabinoids.…

What is a Penis Sleeve?


A cock sleeve is a toy that slips over the tip of the penis to offer sexual pleasure. These toys come in many different shapes, sizes and textures. Some have bells and whistles like vibration or built-in rings that can add more stimulation to a partner. Some even work with a vibrator or dildo to enhance the experience. The best way to get the most out of a penis sleeve is to apply lubricant to the sleeve and your genitals before you slide it on carefully. You should also experiment with the pressure, speed and positioning of the sleeve for a more personalized experience.

What Is a Penis Sleeve

While they may not be appropriate for everyone, they can be a fun and exciting tool to add to your sex toy collection. Especially for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, penis sleeves can offer support and satisfaction in the bedroom.

They can help prolong an erection and delay ejaculation for a more satisfying sexual experience. Penis sleeves are easy to find and offer a wide range of benefits and pleasures. They are also a safer alternative to prescription drugs or implants. They are available in various price ranges, from $30-$100. The more expensive sleeve devices tend to be made of skin-safe silicone and have more features such as textured options, multiple firmness levels and more life-like shapes. They can be used for masturbation or incorporated into partnered play and many are compatible with oral sex.

Bund Wall Lining and the Legislative Requirements

Bund Wall Lining

Bund Wall Lining is required by the legislation for many different types of chemical and liquid storage tank and vessel installations, primarily as primary containment in the event of a leak or spillage. The lining is normally made of GRP or epoxy and is inert to the chemicals or liquid being stored.

Often referred to as “berms” or “dykes”, the walls of a bund are typically constructed from either earth or concrete, and are designed to be liquid tight and to withstand a full hydrostatic head. When a tank suffers a leak or spillage the bund prevents the leaked material from flowing directly into process areas.

Crafting Containment: The Art and Science of Bund Wall Lining Installation

Over time and through repeated use, the integrity of a bund may deteriorate. Cracks in the concrete, corroded reinforcement bars, gaps and un-sealed joints can all compromise the integrity of the bund and lead to leakage. Unsealed pipe penetrations can also lead to contaminant ingress. The growth of vegetation including fungus and mould is a clear indication that the bund has become porous.

The law requires a periodic bund integrity assessment. This usually consists of a visual inspection and low-level hydrostatic testing (normally in the form of a sand or grit blast to remove the existing liner). This should include all bund walls, joints, junctions, pipe penetrations and the tank base. The legal requirements will specify how frequently this needs to be done and the methods for assessing the bund’s integrity. This is generally specified in the site’s licence or permit issued by the local authority.…

Dealing With 340B ESP Challenges

Dealing with 340B ESP Challenges

To address a compliance concern regarding duplicate discounts (340B discount and Medicaid rebate on the same prescription), drug manufacturers partnered with a third-party contractor, Second Sight Solutions, to implement a system called ESP. The idea was that 340B covered entities could upload contract pharmacy claims data to ESP, and the manufacturer would evaluate this data to determine eligibility for 340B pricing. If approved, the manufacturer could then communicate this information to 340B wholesalers and restore pricing to the eligible entity.URL :

Unfortunately, what started out as a solution to a compliance issue became nothing short of a weapon in the arsenal of many drug manufacturers against 340B-eligible entities. Manufacturers have implemented a variety of blatantly unlawful restrictions through ESP and other channels that make it exponentially harder for hospitals to report contract pharmacy dispenses in the required format.

Navigating the Complexities: Strategies for Dealing with 340B ESP Challenges

The 340B ESP platform requires a health industry number, or HIN, available through GPO distributors or the manufacturer (sometimes for a fee). It also requires that all pharmacies identified in the submission are registered with the OPAIS system, and 340B ESP will use the pharmacy location (identified via IMiD) to identify a winner and load the 340B price.

This is problematic for health systems that utilize multiple TPAs or those with complex internal 340B pricing structures, because not all TPAs support OPAIS. Furthermore, it isn’t uncommon for TPAs to mismatch 340B and non-340B dispenses due to a multitude of factors. And finally, even if all 340B-eligible prescriptions are loaded into the system, some pharmaceutical manufacturers still decide that their policy is violated and require the entity to upload additional data to the ESP portal in order to have 340B prices restored.