Assisted Living Florida – An Introductory Guide

The “Sunshine State” is a popular destination for older adults who need residential care. Assisted Living Florida helps them to live comfortably with assistance with daily tasks and other services. This introductory guide highlights the average cost of assisted living in the state and details options for covering these costs, including government programs that can help. It also discusses the various types of assisted living facilities available in the state, and the regulations that govern them.

Sunny Hills ALF mentioned that should be your main focus when looking an ALF in Florida has four different types of licenses that allow seniors to live in an assisted living facility. The standard license allows operators to provide direct physical assistance, as well as supervise medications and activities of daily living. The assisted living facility must also have a licensed nurse on staff who works within the scope of her or his training. The other three licenses allow residents to receive more intensive health care.

Assisted Living in Florida: Providing Independence and Support for Seniors

These health care facilities must be free of hazards, and must have plumbing, electrical, architectural and structural systems that are in good working order. They must also offer a safe, clean environment with plenty of light and adequate storage space for each resident. The meals served must include a source of protein and be distributed at least twice per day. No more than 14 hours may pass between the last meal that contains protein and the first one.

The average monthly cost of assisted living in Florida is $4,000 a month, which is lower than the national average. It is also less expensive than in Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

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