Adventure Holidays

Typically, holidaymakers tend to chill and catch some sun but why not take things up a notch with one of these adventure holidays? Not only will you get to see and do the kind of things that you couldn’t fit into your daily routine, but you’ll also be well away from the strains and stresses of modern life.

Where is the best adventure holiday?

The Family Adventure Company has been delighting families with its inventive and immersive adventure trips since 1996. These tours, ranging from seven to seventeen days, are designed for multi-generational families of all shapes and sizes, and are led by English-speaking guides. The company Untravelled Paths also aims to give back to local communities with its G for Good program.

From tackling the twin summits of Bali’s Mount Batukaru and Agung, to wild camping on the slopes of active volcanoes on Lombok’s Mount Rinjani, this company offers a wide range of adrenaline-fueled adventures. In Slovenia’s Bohinj Valley, heave your way over boulders and rappel down waterfalls, while in Costa Rica’s Rio Celeste, the water glows a startling blue-green as pigmentations run deep through the gorge.

There’s no shortage of outdoor adventures with Exodus, which offers 80+ packaged tours and bespoke trips. You can explore everything from hiking and cycling to wildlife and winter trips in places like Croatia and Ireland, or you could take to the sea on a kayaking adventure along the Dalmatian Coast. Alternatively, you could brave the rough seas on a cruise to Antarctica.

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